Who's That Girl

Ever wonder who's behind the online boutiques you scroll past on Instagram? 

I know I do.  When they offer a glimpse into there world I'm intrigued.

Here a glimpse into my world.  

I never imagined after attending school for graphic design that I would be running my own boutique.  My years of shopping in the west village of Manhatten's tiny vintage stores must have left a subconscious imprint.  I loved searching out unique styles to add to my wardrobe. 

Years later I met an amazing man who supports my crazy ideas 100%.  He runs his own successful business chasing Canada geese using Border Collie dogs.  A unique business, to say the least.  While he has a very busy schedule, he still finds a way to help me with our two kids, three dogs, three cats, and two bunnies.  Yes, we have a small zoo.

From the outside, I look well organized and put together. Truth is, its quite the opposite.  I realized late in life that I suffer from ADD.  It was a daily struggle to stay focused on anything, and at times, it still is.  I don't know how I did it without medication for so many years.  My busy life, like most moms, was complicated with anxiety.   For those who can relate to living with anxiety, you know just how debilitating it can be.  It wasn't until I took my son to the doctor with concerns of ADHD that I realized I had it as well.  I may have come to the realization late in my life that I neede to be on medication, but I am now able to function in all aspects.  Medication may not be for everyone but it definitely helped me

To paint a glamours picture of a well organized, supermom, boutique owner would be fraudulent.  I run on caffeine and chaos, like most moms.  I just have my own business.  I love being my own boss and creating content for my website and my private facebook group.  I enjoy the daily interaction with my customers, most of which I've been in contact with well before starting my company.  I love helping women realize their fashion potential. 

My private Facebook group is where my customers have the chance to be apart of our close fashion community.  We share our looks and opinions in our group.  

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