Hey Chicas! 
I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you! 
I’ve created a Chica influencer program for real women, like us who love our Chica Boutique style and simply can’t get enough. #REALCHICA is a great way for you to show off your love of our CB brand as well as save on your boutique obsession! 
Space is limited! I’m only allowing 10 influencers at the moment.

What’s in it for you? LOTS! 
You have the potential of receiving up to 60% off orders!!

For every social media channel post that you make, you get 10% off. 
For example:

1-Post on your personal Facebook account=10%

2-Post on Instagram= 10% post on your

3-Pinterest =10%

4-Post on Snapchat =10%

5-Post on Twitter =10%

6-Post on YouTube =10%
So obviously the more social media channels you post on your discounts add up and the more your discount will be!

Please note one social media outlet counts towards the 10%.   You must post of different social media account to access the full discount. 

Example: If you posted twice on Facebook that = 10%

Here are the deets! 

#REALCHICA influencers requirements:

1. Non-selfie self portraits wearing Chica clothing, jewelry or simply showing a unique item purchased from CB

2. Must tag us in posts to be valid. #chicaboutiqueny & #realchica 

3. Screenshots of posts must be sent via email to Chica@chicaboutiqueny.com before placing your order to receive your discount.
Comment below if you want in!